Big Pharma Files Lawsuit Against Dr. Oz For Exposing Revolutionary Diabetes Management Remedy

Big Pharma claims they are being “bullied” out of their profits by Dr. Oz

Earlier this year Dr. Oz became the spotlight of a massive legal battle after he reviewed what industry experts are calling the “diabetes cure” on his show, The Dr. Oz Show.

Shortly after he published the review the three diabetes-drug production giants Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sanofi filed a lawsuit against Dr. Oz.

In their claim the companies argue that BioHeal CBD Gummies, a diabetes pill featured by Dr. Oz, should be taken off the internet- despite multiple claims from its users successfully managing it for their diabetes. “Dr. Oz is a television doctor and has no business meddling in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Being one of the most trusted names in the world when it comes to modern medicine, Dr. Oz’s followers have confidently backed him… “He’s helped people for years, he would never recommend something that could hurt them.”

When Dr. Oz found out that BioHeal CBD Gummies has helped over 273,000 people last year beat dabietes he knew the world had to know about it. So he partnered with Columbia University cardiothoracic experts to study BioHeal CBD Gummies‘s amazing efficiacy at eliminating diabetes and published the study online.

Continue reading to learn more about the key findings in Dr. Oz’s study of BioHeal CBD Gummies.

Dr. Oz subsequently covered the topic on a special taping of his show and on Fox News and also posted this little known tip on his website. Word spread fast that Dr. Oz had leaked the information but, unfortunately it wouldn’t stay leaked for long.

Merck, GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi immediately teamed up against him. They filed a court order that forced Dr. Oz to not air the special episode of his show AND he had to remove BioHeal CBD Gummies from his website as well.

The drug companies claim Dr. Oz is promoting medical methods and practices that have not been approved by their teams. A legal representative of the companies also went on to say “It’s always better to take our medicine for treatment.”

It just so happens those same drug companies experienced a collective 18-point drop in their stock values right before the lawsuit was filed. Dr. Oz’s supporters have taken their frustration to social media saying that losing money is the real reason they’re suing him.

Many people think this is the true reason for them filing the lawsuit against him.

Dr. Oz’s Research On BioHeal CBD Gummies

In his study of BioHeal CBD Gummies‘s countless patients, he discovered that diabetes doesn’t cause the insulin blocking layer of fat to form and settle around the pancreas like the medical community originally thought it did.

Rather, that nuisance layer of fat that blocks insulin is in fact, the real cause for diabetes!

This is a groundbreaking discovery that could make diabetes a thing of the past. Dr. Oz referenced scientifically-backed facts and figures in his research which are available on BioHeal CBD Gummies‘s website.

He found that diabetic patients preparing for stomach reduction surgery no longer had diabetic symptoms. He did extensive research to find out exactly what was helping them feel better.

Dr. Oz also saw that diabetic men and women using BioHeal CBD Gummies were able to successfully achieve permanent and sustinable management of their diabetes. Most of these case studies achieved sustainability in 12 days.

We Decided To Put It To The Test

In order to test the veracity of BioHeal CBD Gummies, we reached out to our Fox News team for a volunteer. Our very own Eric Anderson, a 56 year old husband and father of three, came forward to test out the diabetes cure.

Anderson had an advanced case of diabetes and was on the verge of having both of his legs amputated. After taking BioHeal CBD Gummies‘s blood sugar optimization pill, Eric Anderson was finally free of his diabetes.

Eric Anderson has been diagnosed with diabetes for 8 years and has been struggling to keep his blood sugar normal ever since then.

Eric placed his order through BioHeal CBD Gummies‘s easy online portal and it arrived in 2 days! Here are the results from Eric’s experiment…

Our Test Of BioHeal CBD Gummies

Day 1:

“I tested my blood sugar right after lunch and like always, it was as high as a speeding ticket! I took the first pill of BioHeal CBD Gummies and forgot all about it.

Maybe 20-30 minutes later I felt odd. I can only describe it by saying my mind felt calm and still. For a moment I forgot I even had diabetes at all.”

Day 8:

“I was shocked. My blood sugar was going down, despite eating the same foods I normally would. Plus, I was actually feeling better and had a constant energy level, rather than feeling like a yoyo!

By day 8 I could really tell I was getting better. I even lost 2 pounds when I weighed myself!..”

Day 15:

“After 15 days of taking BioHeal CBD Gummies all of my doubts and skepticism absolutely vanished. I was in complete control of my blood sugar levels and I stopped taking those painful insulin injections.. To my amazement, my blood sugar level kept decreasing!

At first I thought it was all in my head, but when I went for a doctor’s visit he confirmed it wasn’t. He said he hadn’t seen anything like this in all of his 28 years in medicine! I am so excited; now it’s only day 11 and I am really being saved!”

“2 weeks in and not only do I no longer need prescription drugs any more but, my blood sugar is always exactly where it’s supposed to be!

I can honestly say I am saved! I can’t believe it! After so many years of suffering from this horrible disease, I am totally free from its grip!

I have more energy and, I don’t have to take those horrible drugs I hate anymore! The best part is, my family no longer have to worry about my health. I feel great, and I’ve even lost 9 pounds!”

Eric Anderson's Conclusion Of BioHeal CBD Gummies

“It is the real deal! I’ve tried so many different programs and pills over the past 8 years: Glucocil, Oceans Bounty, Turmeric, Berberine, Diabetes Destroyer, the 11 Day Diabetes fix, you name it, I’ve tried it. I thought there was no help or no hope for me…

Even though I was skeptical at first, I am really thankful I gave this amazing pill a try!…

If you are tired of finger pricking, insulin injections or just feeling plain sick all the time; BioHeal CBD Gummies is perfect for you!”

– Eric Anderson

To continue to support awareness of effective solutions for diabetes, Dr. Oz convinced BioHeal CBD Gummies to let first-time users have a free bottle of their diabetes cure.

Biggest discount (buy 3 get 3 free and buy 2 get 1 free) BioHeal CBD Gummies (available for a limited time while supplies last) can be claimed via the links below — courtesy of Dr.oz and exclusively for USA Fox News readers!

Why are they letting people have access to this diabetes support pill for the price of less than a movie ticket?

BioHeal CBD Gummies‘s CEO said, “It’s because diabetes medication could easily run you into the thousands of dollars and, drugs are just ‘treatments’ never cures… Not only will people get support for diabetes, but they’ll get it for a reasonable amount.”


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Taking BioHeal CBD Gummies has made me very conscious of my diet and exercise and my body weight dropped 35 pounds in the past year and a half. As a result, my energy level is up and I am very pleased.
~ Joel – Texas

I have been using BioHeal CBD Gummies for 3 weeks, and I love it. It’s working great for me, keeping my blood sugar steady at 95.
~ Michelle – Florida

“If there was ever a ‘wonder pill’ this is it. Not only did BioHeal CBD Gummies help me with my diabetes, it also helped me shed more than 16lbs. I’ve been taking the pill for a little over 2 weeks and wow! It’s helping me to live a happy, healthy life.”
~ Steve & Lucia – Arizo

Fox reported that this ‘diabetes-managment-pill’ is so effective, that the Big Pharma companies are thinking about trying to ban it in the United States. Its all natural and has no side effects, so people are in a frenzy so we decided to post a link for all those people trying to get their hands on Nature’s Boost Formula… They are ALMOST OUT (apologies if they are all gone)

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I stand by this pill. I tried BioHeal CBD Gummies about a month ago and I can’t say enough about it. This helped me gain the life back that i thought i had lost forever. It completely brought back joy in my life. (I have been waiting for something like this for a long time). I highly recommend this to ANYONE that’s looking for a diabetes destroying pill that actually WORKS!

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All my friends with diabetes have used these and say it’s nothing short of amazing. Apart from regaining their health, they are much better off financially as well!

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My wife and I both needed to get our health back & I really want to increase my productivity at work because I need my much deserved promotion! And my wife needs more energy to look after our two beautiful children. Already ordered it and we are both going to try this out, thanks. The Mercer family

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There is a big stir going on these days about BioHeal CBD Gummies and my guess is it’s not going to stop. I am seeing the BioHeal CBD Gummies all over.. they were giving out free samples at the mall today and the stand sure did have a crowd. Thanks to the special offer you posted I saved over $112. Thanks for the links Doc!

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How well does this stuff work for guys? I wouldn’t mind being diabetes free! My mate has these and says they worked for him but want to know what others think? Let me know please

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Hey, Michael, I take BioHeal CBD Gummies everyday. love it. Literally changed my life. I bought 3 months supply at once to make sure i don’t run out. i think you get a deal if you order a 3 month supply at the same time too

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A friend of mine tried BioHeal CBD Gummies and recommended it to me 3 weeks ago. I ordered the product and received in 2 days. The results have been incredible and I can’t wait to see what weeks 3 and 4 bring

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